What I do

As an interpreter, I’m an all-rounder, whether it’s simultaneous, whispered, liaison or consecutive interpretation.


I’ve worked at various conferences, notaries, court cases (both criminal and civil cases), TV shows (RTL Late Night, Holland’s Got Talent), the Immigration and Naturalization Service, social institutions, corporate and cultural events, police, company presentations and visits and for non-profit organizations. My working languages are Dutch, English and French, in all combinations:


Dutch  English

French  Dutch

English  French


My career as a subtitler already spans 15 years. Through companies such as SDI Media/SIN Subtitling, Ericsson/Technicolor, Broadcast Tekst International and Eclair Group, I’ve subtitled programmes about a range of subjects for public television, RTL, SBS, Net 5, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC en TV5, among many others. I’m also part of Ericsson’s live subtitling team.


Privately, I also subtitle corporate video’s, documentaries and the like for occasional clients.